SolidWorks notes


for your business

Control, Consistency, Versatility




Part Types or Processes


Shared Notes


Notes for Flexibility

Standardize drawing notes without compromising flexibility

Set up and share dynamic notes that can be configured in real time, saving time and ensuring accuracy

Consistency without rigidity

Put an end to drawing note errors, inconsistencies and omissions. Unlike static note blocks, shared notes in Versa Note offer customizable drop down fields and user entry fields, allowing designers to easily communicate unique requirements.

Freedom to make changes

Your business is not static, and neither is Versa Note. Make on-the-fly updates to shared drawing notes centrally and control how updates are applied to existing drawings. The easy-to-use note builder tool allows notes to be configured and updated quickly, with minimal setup for use straight out-of-the-box, or precisely managed with numerous advanced settings for granular control.

QR codes made easy

Versa Note allows QR codes to be added to drawings automatically, without user intervention. Administrators can specify the QR location for each drawing template and context sensitive information, including custom property values, allowing additional information to be embedded in drawings for customers or shop floor personnel. 

From Freelance to Enterprise, Versa Note was made for you

With multiple tiers to choose from, there is a Versa Note license option to perfectly fit your budget and your needs