Elevating User Experience & Flexing Dev Muscles

Hello and good day fellow CAD users and API developers alike! In the exciting realm of software development, CAD Innovations is working hard to save you time and money with our user-focused approach and knack for tackling challenges head-on. Here are a few recent challenges that are keeping us on our toes – all about improving user experiences and finding ingenious ways to get things done.

Welcome to Effortless Free Trials of Versa Note

It should come as no surprise that we’re always working on ways to improve our flagship product Versa Note, including making it even easier for new users to get up and running quickly. In an upcoming release, snagging a free trial license will be smoother than ever. No longer will users need to request a license and wait for a key… instead, simply download the application, install, and by simply opening SolidWorks to try it out, you’ll get a 30 day trial automatically, bam! No more waiting – just pure exploration from the get-go.

Designs on Autopilot: Multi-Body Part Drawings Made Easy

Some jobs are a match made in heaven… imagine teaming up with a customer who knows their tech inside out, including SolidWorks API development. This customer on Fiverr has requested a reliable VBA macro to automatically generate separate drawings for each body in a multi-body part. Our knowledgeable customer approached us with well structured and detailed specs, leaving very few questions unanswered.

As with any project, there are some challenges and bumps along the way: the specs requested auto generation of a flat pattern view with overall dimensions, a hole table and auto-ballooning assembly views. This customer has been a dream to work with and we’re hoping to deliver a killer time saving macro and serve another happy client.

Conquering Code Conundrums via Fiverr: DLL Decomplication

A wise man once said that a good engineer is a lazy engineer – never has this been more true. Imagine this: you’ve got an awesome custom application that saves you a ton of time, you want some updates, but you’ve lost the source code. We were recently approached by a potential customer with this challenge. Talk about a dilemma! But we’re not ones to back down. We’re turning to Fiverr, this time as a customer, to find an expert who can crack the code (literally!) With a small investment and little luck, we’re hoping to hit the ground running on the updates and enhancements, saving our customer both time and money. It’s a nod to the power of teamwork and tapping into specialized skills on platforms like Fiverr.