Versa Note Extended Trial Period and Enhanced Security

Photo by Alex Shute on Unsplash

CAD Innovations is proud to announce two exciting improvements to our flagship SolidWorks drawing notes add-in, Versa Note. Not only have we boosted security with Microsoft Trusted Code Signing, but we have also extended the free trial period to three months.

Empowering Users with an Extended Trial Period

You’re busy. We get it. It can be hard to find the time to adequately evaluate a new software application within the 1 week or even 1 month period typical free software trials offer. This is why we’re thrilled to offer extend our Versa Note trial period to three months. This extended trial period enables users to thoroughly evaluate Versa Note’s capabilities and experience the productivity & efficiency gains for yourself.

By offering this extended trial period, CAD Innovations recognizes the realities of business by providing sufficient time to make informed decisions without feeling rushed or pressured. This commitment to user-centricity underscores our dedication to delivering exceptional value and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Fortifying Security with Microsoft Trusted Signing

In addition to extending the trial period, Versa Note has upped security to by implementing Microsoft Trusted Code Signing for safety and piece of mind. We understand that software policies at many organizations mandate strongly signed applications. The Microsoft issued signing certificate has been applied to the Versa Note MSI installer, EXE and DLL files, assuring software integrity and mitigating the risk of unauthorized modifications or tampering.

Furthermore, the Microsoft Trusted Signing certificate means you will never see a Microsoft Defender Smartscreen warning when installing Versa Note. Microsoft Trusted Code Signing provides a mark of authenticity and assurance, providing confidence that you have come to expect from CAD Innovations – assuring that your Versa Note installation is authentic, reliable, and free from malicious alterations.


In an era marked by evolving cyber threats and heightened concerns about data privacy, Versa Note’s decision to implement Microsoft Trusted Code Signing reflects a proactive approach to address user needs and prioritize security. By offering users an extended trial period, CAD Innovations is re-affirming our commitment to our customers, by allowing ample time to properly evaluate. We’re know you’ll love it, and we want to allow you the time to try it without the pressures and constraints of a limited trial period.

With its extended trial period and adoption of Microsoft Trusted Code Signing, we’re confident that Versa Note will not only meet, but exceed your expectations, providing an invaluable productivity tool for your business. Download Versa Note today to start your 3 month free trial with no commitment and no credit card required.