What is the difference between the various licenses? Which license
tier is right for me?

An Individual license is ideal for solo designers looking to improve the efficiency and accuracy of SolidWorks drawing notes. It provides access to many of the great features of Versa Note, including customizable notes and categories, for a very low cost. The standard individual license includes 20 customizable notes and 5 categories, with additional notes & categories available as add-ons, and the note template is tied to the license and thus cannot be shared with other designers.

The Versa Note Professional license unlocks the power of Versa Note, with the ability to add any number of notes and categories and share these drawing notes with all CAD users within your organization. An admin license is included for access to configure notes & categories as well as provides control over advanced settings, note import functionality and more.

The Enterprise tier unleashes the full potential of Versa Note, including advanced features such as linked note flags, multi-column notes, advanced note sequence control, QR Codes, SolidWorks MBD support and more. This tier also includes 3 additional admin licenses, template configuration assistance by our expert team and priority customer support with response in 24 hours or less.

Individual users may not use Professional or Enterprise Versa Note Template files and template files cannot be shared between Professional and Enterprise license users.

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